about the work

The aims of mypub are:


  • To provide the public with a chance to have a framed print of their own pub. I realise we all have a great affinity for our pubs, and I'm hoping to offer everyone a chance to own their favourite pubs print. 

  • To Highlight the importance of the Pub to Irish Culture and showcase their immense variation and endless subtleties.

  • To work with Publicans to provide them with the content they need to grow their business.



    mypub is the labour of love and finally some dedication of me, Gary.

    I started this work with the mission to photograph the pubs of Dublin. Over the year I decided to chuck in my part time job, and my aimless projects to give this every bit of energy I could muster.

    While I have undertaken my own personal challenge to photograph every pub in Ireland over the next 6 years.The real challenge will be to raise the profile of The Irish Pub in the coming years. Away from a kitsch aknowledgment to a proper appreciation of the value they have in our communities. 

    I have met so many great people on the project so far, and I will be documenting the pub's stories in future. 

    Continuing to work hard to improve the photos, the website and what I can offer. I am eager to travel to different parts of the country and continue the work. 

    Thank you, 




    mypub will be launching a digital Pub Archive in the future. Travelling around to Irelands pubs and meeting the publicans will give me the opportunity to gather digital copies of past photos of each pub. I hope to discuss this idea with some professional archivists before it begins. 



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