My name is Gary Teeling, 37, from Lusk. After years of photographing pubs, architecture, and people of Dublin, I was in need of something to truly focus on, and the idea of photographing every pub in Dublin city and then the country took hold of me.

It quickly became my obsession. And then a collaboration between the same stubborn man with a simple idea, and Ireland's greatest cultural cornerstone, the Pub.

As of now, I have photographed approximately 2,500 pubs across Ireland.

I travel on my 50cc Honda, carving along country roads well within the speed limit, cursing the odd pothole, and enduring the Irish weather. The little motorbike has provided me with a great way of seeing an area, taking everything in, and not trying to rush ahead. I camp out in my tent when I can, due to spiraling costs of accommodation. However, I probably enjoy the project most when I'm in campsites or camping wild.

Crucial to the work is photographing every pub at night, meaning late nights on the road, but it’s the key to the photos of the pub's exterior. The lighting is unique, at times quite muted, reminiscent of the gas lanterns of the past, or bright with modern lighting showcasing a building steeped in history. Arriving at each pub with a camera and tripod sometimes brings understandable suspicion. I have had some great encounters putting people at ease and explaining myself.

I believe the Irish Pub in its variety alone is staggering. It speaks to every idea I ever had about becoming a photographer. A bigger idea than the self. Community, Culture, Friends, and Family. The work aims to highlight the importance of the Pub to Ireland and its future. I want to present the pubs, historic though they are, in a modern light.

I estimate it will take me another 4-5 years of full-time work to complete the project. By the end, I hope to have created a rich tapestry of Irish Culture.

The Irish Pub is precious to Ireland and its Culture. My job is to try and capture some of its heart and soul with simple images. I'm going to finish this work, and it will take a big slice of my life. I can't imagine doing anything else.

The road lies ahead, and no doubt; the odd pothole.

Kind regards,